Not only can leaks waste gallons of water daily, raising your water bill unnecessarily, but they also can cause foundation damage. Identifying a pipe leak is not always easy when the pipe is out of sight. If you start to receive higher than typical water bills, it’s time to turn to the leak detection professionals at Diamond Plumbing. Our plumbers use state of the art equipment to check your system for leaks as well as isolate the location of the leak so we know exactly where to repair the problem.

To see is to know. A broken sewer or drain line can erode the soil around the pipe creating a potential for foundation damage as well as causing clogs. With our video inspection equipment, you can see in real time exactly what’s going on with your drainpipes. This technology gives us the ability to repair only what needs fixing, ultimately saving you money. Sewer clogs are often the symptom of a larger problem. When you have a main sewer drain clog, we will insert a camera into your drain after cleaning it to ensure your pipes are in proper order. This way, if there are any additional issues present, we can empower you with options to keep this from happening again in the future. Want to know if your dream house has a sewer line break before you buy? Call Diamond Plumbing to schedule an inspection.

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